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    親愛的鄭瑞宇 您好   感謝您的發文,有關Vclass帳號問題還請您聯繫VClass客服團隊,他們將會立即為您處理,謝謝。

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    Can I translate whatever I want?

    Absolutely! You can choose from Taylor Swift's Music Video, Jamie Oliver's classic recipes, or even the Presidential debate in the U.S.! Anything you like!

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    Who should join the translator's community?

    Anyone who's interested in translation is welcomed to join! VoiceTube currently offers services in Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese. Therefore, we're calling for translators who are fluent in eithe...

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    Why should we join the translator's community on VoiceTube?

    VoiceTube is one of the largest English learning platform, with over 70,000 videos and 3.8 million registered users. The videos on VoiceTube spans a wide variety from current affairs, science, poli...

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    When a speaker is clarifying something or expounding upon what they say, use dashes on either side, without spaces. A good rule of thumb is the sentence should make sense even if you remove what i...

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    In general, parentheses are not appropriate when transcribing spoken English. In situations where the speaker is clarifying or expounding upon what they say, a dash (see dash, below) would be more ...

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    Quotation marks

    Individual parts of a whole composition, like episodes, songs, chapters, etc., should be placed in quotation marks, while the full work is written with italics. Correct: I think “The Last One” is...

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    Do not capitalize the first item after a colon, unless it is a proper noun. Correct: I want to tell you about my favorite brand of car: Ferrari.Correct: I want to tell you about my favorite fruit:...

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    For clarity, VoiceTube uses the Oxford comma, or serial comma. As such, all items in a list should be written with a comma before them. Correct: I like oranges, cranberries, and limes.Wrong: I lik...

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    If the last item in a sentence is an abbreviation that uses a period, do not add another period. Take care not to use Chinese periods in place of English periods and vice-versa. Wrong: This pizza ...